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Teenage Driver Insurance New York

Insuring your teenage driver is more affordable than you think. Call on us for teen driving discounts that could help you lower your auto insurance premium.

Teenage Driver Insurance New York

With your teenager’s drivers license comes with freedom and independence for them, and a lot of worrying for you. Car crashes are the #1 killer of our nation’s teenagers. Each year, nearly 450,000 are injured and nearly 3,145 teenagers are killed in motor vehicle crashes.

Depend on The Franchino Agency’s expertise to determine the right policy for you and your teenage driver. Don’t compromise your safety and financial security for cut-rate insurance.

Since teen drivers do not have the same level of driving experience as adult drivers, New York has a Graduated License Program, or GDL program in place which requires you to earn your driver’s license in stages based on age and experience.

In New York, you must complete the following phases:

• Learner’s permit
• Junior driver’s license/provisional license
• Senior driver’s license

Learn more on NYS Department of Motor Vehicle website.

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